14 Jun 2023

Firefighter brothers climbing Bridgewater Place in honour of victims of the Grenfell Fire

Firefighter brothers set to conquer Bridgewater Place, Leeds in the UK’s ultimate fundraising tower climb endurance challenge: ‘Keep Climbing 72’.

Taking place on Saturday 17th June 2023, brothers, military veterans and firefighters Mike and Kev Sutcliffe are undertaking a tower climb endurance challenge, at Bridgewater Place, Leeds, fundraising for The Grenfell Foundation and The Firefighters Charity.

The aim for their ‘Keep Climbing 72’ challenge is to conquer 24 storeys symbolising the height of Grenfell Tower. They plan to do this 72 times, each climb to symbolise a life lost at the devastating tower fire in 2017.

Leeds will host the most intense tower climb endurance challenge to-date. The duo will be climbing over 69,000 steps, the equivalent of 67 Big Bens, 7.8 Burj Khalifa’s or 3/4 of the way to the summit of Mount Everest! The brothers aim to do this as a continuous relay on the Saturday after the 6th anniversary weekend of the catastrophic Grenfell Tower Fire.

The brothers are both ex-military having served in the Royal Engineers; Mike in 33 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment RE, also serving as a personal training instructor, and Kev in 59 Commando Squadron RE. After completing the gruelling P Company Course, he worked with Recce Troop for four years. Since leaving the army the brothers both joined the fire service, in North and West Yorkshire both receiving the Silver Axe Award for finishing as the top recruit on their respective courses.

Mike Sutcliffe who is a Watch Manger at Acomb fire station commented: “We are both always on the lookout for the next physical challenge to undertake. We wanted to take on an endurance challenge with a difference to raise money for two worthy charities that we respect and have a connection with.”

Howard Taylor from Grenfell Foundation, one of the charities the brothers are supporting stated: “We are grateful to Mike and Kev taking on this epic challenge for The Grenfell Foundation and The Firefighters Charity. It is essential for both affected communities and on the ground blue light service personnel to get the right support following any tragedy, and funds raised through this challenge will go a long way to supporting this in regards to Grenfell.”

Leeds’ Bridgewater Place is not only an office and residential skyscraper, but holds the record for Yorkshire’s tallest building, since being topped out in September 2005.

North Yorkshire’s Chief Fire Officer, Jonathan Dyson, said: “This is an awe-inspiring feat that Mike and Kev are undertaking on behalf of two extremely important charities. It will certainly be a test of endurance and they deserve everyone’s support. Thank you both!”

The Firefighters Charity is really important to fire and rescue services and our colleagues, helping people to remain at and return to work when they have physical ailments and mental health & well-being challenges. So this stair climb in Yorkshire’s tallest building is a brilliant way to raise funds and to remember the tragic events at Grenfell Tower and the devastating loss of 72 lives.”

For more information or to donate visit –

https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/keep-climbing72?utm_term=mn929KNGs ,