Corporate Social Responsibility


M7 provides all employees with an equal opportunity to move and progress within our company. The firm promotes well-being at work and diversity in all its forms across all of our entities.


To reduce our carbon footprint, video conferencing is used, minimising business travel.

We place great emphasis on acting responsibly in the societies where we operate and within our business.


M7 was founded with the belief that there was room for a more personal approach to the traditional investment and asset management strategy which all too often only considers the bottom line.

While our focus is still on delivering the best returns for our investors and providing excellent asset management solutions, at M7 we pride ourselves on our longstanding personal relationships with all our partners whether investors, occupiers, service providers or lenders. It is these strong relationships that have been integral to our success.

M7 strives to be a leading specialist in the pan-European, regional real estate market known for its people and personable culture and for being innovative.

At the core of M7 is our culture. We are proud of our team that spans 15 countries and territories with 18 offices and is founded on a mutual respect for one another as well as our clients and partners.


M7 is committed to giving back to the communities we live and work in. We pledge to give back a percentage of our annual profit each year to charities our teams have chosen. The Charity Committee reviews all requests and approves commitments based on their ability to meet our charity criteria including the relevance and fit with M7’s mission, level of transparency, credibility, and ability to deliver tangible results.

This year we are working even harder to ensure that commitments are in line with the broader ESG strategy M7 is implementing, with the focus on helping smaller charities who find it harder to raise funds.

Rather than just donating funds, M7 encourages active staff participation to help support our chosen charities. Many of the charities we support have developed into longstanding strategic partnerships where M7 is providing support on an ongoing basis. A few such partnerships include:


M7 will continue to partner with LandAid, the property industry’s charity working to end youth homelessness. This is M7’s sixth year supporting LandAid, who give circa £2m in grants each year to charities across the country, mainly funding capital projects to renovate existing, or create new safe, secure, and affordable accommodation for young homeless people.

In 2020, M7 contributed a £50,000 grant towards the LandAid House project. With practical completion at the start of March 2021, when the building was officially handed over to City YMCA, the redevelopment is now ready for 146 young people to move in.


M7 has committed to supporting FirstSite for a second year. Part of the Tate Gallery affiliation, FirstSite is a visual arts organisation based in Colchester, Essex with a mission to improve all residents of East Anglia’s wellbeing and life-chances. Presenting a varied programme of exhibitions, commissions, residencies, and screenings by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, Firstsite’s canteen serves meals to local children who otherwise would not have access to regular or healthy meals and, because of malnutrition, would return to school approximately three months mentally behind the rest of the class.

WCCS Bursary Program

The Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors (WCCS) has launched a program of student bursaries. A combination of charitable giving and a proactive programme that provides direct support to the students, by connecting them with a company, each student will have the opportunity to secure a professional qualification which otherwise would not have been possible. This is M7’s first year as a WCCS ‘Champion’, with the three-year commitment covering one student’s study of Land Economy at University of Cambridge.

CASS Real Estate Club

Similar to the WCCS program, M7 has contributed to the CASS business School Scholarship fund, which helps to secure access to third level education for students from low socio-economic backgrounds. As part of this partnership M7 will also be supporting the CASS Real Estate Club in the work they do including their podcast, webinars, and annual conference.

Red Rose Chain

Red Rose Chain (RRC) at The Avenue Theatre in Ipswich works with the disadvantaged and marginalised. Their mission is to enrich entire communities through high quality professional theatre by partnering with mental health charities, local schools, and pupil referral units. This is M7’s third year supporting RRC, with funding helping them continue their work offering programs, workshops, performances, and a safe space for disadvantaged/disabled young people and adults.

During the COVID19 pandemic, M7 helped to raise funds for those who needed it the most through their companywide step challenge. In just 20 days, 75% of the company stepped up to raise €7,000 for various international and local charities tackling issues such as homelessness, mental health, child safety, illness and disease, international aid, and the endangerment of wildlife. Some of those charities included: LandAid, MIND, NHS Charities, Street Child United, Save the Children, Red Cross and UNICEF.