Modern Slavery Act Statement

The concept of “modern slavery” encompasses behaviours such as forced, compulsory or coerced labour, deprivation of personal freedom or facilitating the movement of people for exploitation. Since the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) came into force in October 2015, large organisations doing business in the United Kingdom are required to produce (under section 54 (1)) a public “slavery and human trafficking statement”.

M7 Real Estate Ltd is a private limited company, incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 08614287. The Registered Office is at 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1AG (“M7”, “We” or “Us”). M7 Real Estate Financial Services Ltd, a Group company, is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number: 618047). M7 has offices in the United Kingdom, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands.

Services and Supply

M7 is one of Europe’s leading investment and asset managers in the real estate sector and as of this statement’s date manages c. €5 billion assets under 33 operating mandates.

The services M7 utilises are office-based and our supply chain consists mainly of other regulated professional services (Chartered Surveyors, Law Firms, Accountancy Firms and Banks). M7 considers these to be very low risk in relation to slavery and human trafficking so takes no specific action in respect to these relationships. Given that our business is the provision of professional services, the risk of Modern Slavery within our business generally or our supply chain is low but we are conscious that Modern Slavery occurs in different forms throughout the world (including the UK).

The majority of other services supplied to or on behalf of M7 are from the real estate industry in the UK and across Europe. Given the extremely low risk profile of anyone supplying us with services being involved in slavery and/or human trafficking, we believe that our current procedures and ability to rely on regulatory oversight in relation to professional services are sufficient. Those procedures remain under constant review.


The majority of goods supplied to M7 are those for use in an office environment. Given the low risk profile of suppliers of such goods, no specific training is provided or undertaken by M7 staff in relation to these matters.

Training of Staff

M7 aims to raise awareness of the Act by providing employees and management with training on a range of compliance matters including their obligations and responsibilities under the Act, particularly in relation to mitigating risks within supply chains where possible.

This statement was made on 15 May 2020.

Teresa Dyer
Chief Operating Officer, M7