31 Jan 2024

M7 achieves remarkable turnaround with full occupancy and 67% growth in annual rental income at IN Ermesinde Retail Park

M7 Real Estate (“M7”), the pan-European investor and asset manager, continues to showcase its exemplary capabilities in optimising real estate investments. In a strategic move, the company acquired IN Ermesinde Retail Park in 2019, encompassing an impressive 6,947 sq m. At the time of acquisition, the property boasted an annual “in-place” rental income of €308,383 and an 88% occupancy rate.

Under the adept guidance of M7’s asset management team, a series of transformative initiatives were implemented, addressing both technical and commercial aspects of the property. Substantial investments were made in enhancing the premises, alongside strategic adjustments to the tenant mix. This comprehensive asset management strategy not only revitalized the retail park but also propelled its occupancy rate to an impressive 100%.

As of January 2024, the results of M7’s strategic interventions are evident, with the annual rental income experiencing substantial growth of circa 67% to €515,096 and an occupancy rate of 100%. This outstanding achievement underscores M7’s commitment to delivering value and maximizing returns for its stakeholders.

João Salema Garção, Senior Asset Manager at M7 Real Estate, commented: “This successful transformation of the retail park exemplifies M7’s expertise in asset management. Our holistic approach, incorporating technical enhancements and commercial optimization, has proven instrumental in achieving full occupancy and significant revenue growth”.