27 Feb 2013

M7 Launches “M7 Prop Search”

27th February 2013 – M7 Real Estate LLP is pleased to announce the launch of its new property portal “M7 Prop Search”. M7 Prop Search provides detailed information of all available space across M7’s nationwide property portfolio.

As a result of being powered by M7’s proprietary Coyote engine, Prop Search seamlessly accesses data from our property management software and collates up to date information on occupier demand across the UK.

Prop Search is launching today with all of the available assets in LIPP, Northcreek and Eastburn along with half of the EMPIRE assets. The remaining assets will be added in the course of the next two weeks.

M7’s Technology Partner Oliver Farago said “We are very proud to launch Prop Search. Being tightly integrated with our other systems allows us to keep it up to date and full of useful information which is where so many other sites are lacking.”

M7’s Senior Partner Richard Croft said “Prop Search is another great tool in the M7 suite of services that allows us to continue to drive down vacancy across all of our portfolios.”

M7 Prop Search can be found at http://www.m7propsearch.co.uk/